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Board of Elections, Warren County Ohio

Upcoming Candidates

Welcome to our new interactive candidate activity list. You can view candidates that have:

  • Pulled (candidate received petitions from board office)
  • Withdrawn
  • Failed (Petition had fatal flaw(s) and will be presented to the Board for rejection)
  • Valid (No flaws found on petition and will be recommended to the Board to certify)

This site will update daily at noon and 5:00pm

**Only the Board can determine if a petition is valid. All petitions will be reviewed by the Board for validity AFTER the filing deadline.

March 19, 2024 Primary Election

**Filing deadline for partisan candidate and issues is December 20, 2023 4pm

Candidate list for March 19, 2024 Primary Election

Click here for a list of offices on the March 19, 2024 ballot

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Live link to the current voter registration totals.